September 8-9 . . . Backus Mills- Port Rowan, ONT
September 8-9 . . . Plattsburgh - Plattsburgh, NY

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Stoney Creek
See the 23rd at Stoney Creek

August 1812
Detroit Surrenders!
Ft. Dearborn Massacre

August 1813
Raid on Queenstown
Raid of St Michaels

Demonstration at Ft. George
Ft. Mims

August 1814
Siege of Fort Erie
Scajaquada Creek

Attack on Ft. Mackinac
Raid on Stonington
Fort Erie
Ft. Washington Burned

Meet the 23rd

US 23rd Infantry Regiment


Event Schedule

This being a proposed list of the 23rd Infantry Regiment's (Reenactment) actions and engagements.



23rd Reinactment:
See The 23rd at Chippawa

The Ugly 23rd (song and battle cry)

War Offically Ends
Chesapeake 1807
Living History
National Character
You're Fired
George Armistead
Havre De Grace Defense
Tall Fellow
Spy Master
Plan of Redemption
Withdrawal from Canada
Officer's Candidate School
Negative Effect
Failure is an Option
Not in the Report
British Review
Scott's Training Manual

Now You Tell Me
Kentuckians without Guns
Missed Opportunity

Boats in the Mud

Dirty Shirts
Treaty of Ghent
Martial Law in New Orleans

Damaged Hat


Troop Training

Not a Good Offer

American Inadequacy

Removing the Blocks

Model 1795 Springfield Musket

Lafitte Bounty

Not Happy in London

Men Follow Leadership

Good Intelligence

Resale Value

Smash the Machines

Really Bad Generals

No Trading with the Enemy

Take That

Detroit Problems

Too Deep

Raining Militia

New York Slaves

After You

Missing Muskets

Letter to Monroe

Trotten's Horse

Picking Officers

Unsung Heroes

Early Casualties

Artillery Effectiveness

Light Infantry Practice

Junior Officers

Third Line

US Regimental Organization

Peace on British Terms

Everybody Waited

Move Maneuver at Chippewa

Cemetery Cover

Aim Low

Drummond Confusion

US Ships-of-the-Line

Captain George McGlassin


We Almost Changed Capitals


Purchasing Rank

Boy Heroes of Sept. 12

Famous Flag at Ft. McHenry

Not Retaliation

Disgraceful Conduct

Baltimore Clippers

British Withdraw from Fort Erie

Not the Desired Result

Armstrong the Traitor

Glasgow Resolution

Mitchel House Raid

Army of the North Marches

Cockburn's Orders

Northern Front Report

15 Minutes Training

Supplier Attacked

Dancing Later


The Town that Fooled the British

One House Looks Like Another

Private Predictions

Name Change

What if No One Came?

Every Hamlet Annihilated

Hiding from British Raids

Lake Ontario Fleet


Prelude to Odelltown

Not Far Off

Northern Front Moves Up

General's Order

Starvation Is Good For the Men

Broome Burning

Northern Front

Sotterley Plantation

Capture Maine

Declining Strength


Pike's Piqué

US Fleet Anchors off Plattsburg

Early War

Camp Life Expectancy

No Church Due to Invasion

Frederick Hall

Vermont Escapes

US Fleet on Lake Champlain

British Fleet Assembles

British Fleet on Lake Champlain

Colonial War

Burning of the Capital

Capitol Graffiti


David Porter Attack

Du Pont Gunpowder Company

No Calling up the Militia

Keeping Safe Prisoners of War

Jonathan Russell

Battlefield Visit

Saving the Declaration

Trail of Flour Crumbs

English Public Opinion Example



British Wounded

Letter from Thomas McDonough

Bladensburg Today


Fort Albion

William Baker

Pro-War Legend

Typical American Military Camp

Dr. William Beanes

Charles Ball

Don't Call Up the Troops

Private John Woods

Officers: Army VS. Navy

Hall vs. Hopkin

State Armies

No Army in Hartford

Fooled You Once . . .

US Stream Warships

Prisoner Exchange Program

Painted Warriors

Squirrel Hunters


Horse Theft

Nice View

Sunk or not Sunk

Militia Dissolved by 1845

Army of Connecticut?

Typical Company

Niagara Campaign of 1814

Privateers 1814

Gin Anyone?




One Step Forward, Two Back

Forty Miles a Day

War on the Genesee, 1813
Ft. George Militia Goes Home

Ft. George Garrison Reduced

News from Geneva, NY

Court-martial of Louis Bache

Privateers 1813

Back Again

Common Punishments

Daily Army Food Rations

Neutral Trade

Lewis Takes Command

Harrison goes to Sackett's Harbor

Ft. Strother

Harrison Moves to Buffalo

Celebration New York

US Army Integration

1 in 60

Just Attack

Bad Weather Halts Army

Maryland Militia Reports

Militia Officers

Pursuit to Moraviantown

Hampton at Chateauguay

Army arrives at Put-In-Bay

Montreal Campaign Begins

Advance on Ft. Detroit

March Preparations Begin

Army Ensign

Army of the North 1813

Written History of the War

Creation of US Arsenals


Medical Improvements

Underground Railroad 1812

Change in Command

Able Bodied Citizens

Report from Thomas Emery

Supplying the Enemy

Vaccine Act of 1813

Brown Promoted


Blockading the Chesapeake

Connecticut Rhyme


Spring Campaign Season

Dartmoor Massacre

Standing Orders

Quaker Guns

Special Unit Names


Reports Vary

Strategic Planning

Ft. George from York

Just Passing Through

Lost the Bet

War on the Genesee, 1813


Worn Out

Detroit Haul

Still in Business

Lack of Equipment

Ontario County

Strange Case of Capt. Rupes

Causes of Death

Court Marshal of Hull

Free Settlers

First Peace Talks

Lend-Lease Attack

Typical Regulars

Biggest Prize


Dearborn Letter

US versus UK

War on the Genesee, 1812
European Propaganda

Secret Codes

Federal Republican

Prisoner Exchange

When Did the War End?

Army vs. Navy Game 1812

US War Cry

The War's Name

British Privateers

American Privateers

Upper Canada

British Territorial Claims

Ship Building Supplies

Caliber And Heat

The Night Before Disaster

Indian Auxiliaries

Change in Secretary of War

Irony 1812 Style


Change in Command

Bullet Time

Intelligence Service

General James Monroe?

Uncle Sam and John Bull

Desertions Increase

American War Rhetoric

Not Just the US Militia

Native American Allies

Hand to Hand Combat

Last Soldier of the War

Brock's Duel

US Militia


Statue of Liberty

Dodge Arrives at Watertown

Withdraw from Gananoqui

Buck and Ball

US Offers Peace

US Forces Withdraw From Canada

State of the Army
Rifle vs. Musket
Hull Invades Canada
British Unit Classes
US Unit Classes
Black Troops
Declaration of War
Benny Havens
US Rank Insignia
1812: Win or Lose?
Casualty Rates
Open House Every Wednesday




--Musket Drill--

Handle, Cartridge


Shut, PAN




Return, RAMMER


Take, AIM

Right Oblique
Forward, MARCH

Right About, FACE
Support, ARMS

Advance, ARMS
Present, ARMS
Right Face
Shoulder Arms
Order, ARMS
Trail, ARMS
Formation of a Regiment in Line
March to the Front

Instruction for the Private
US Army Regulations 1812
Sergeants and Corporals
First Sergeant of a Company
Sergeant's Sword
Military Funerals

  BATTLES 1812:
Sacket's Harbor I
Fall of Ft. Mackinac
Battle of Oakwoods
Battle of Brownstown
Detroit Surrenders!

Ft. Dearborn Massacre

Attack on Gananoqui

Punitive Expedition at Fort Wayne

Harrison Relieves Fort Wayne

Siege of Ft. Wayne Continues

Retribution for Pigeon Roost

Siege of Fort Wayne

First Siege of Fort Madison

Pigeon Roost Chase

Ogdensburg I

Queenston Heights

St. Regis
Kingston Harbor

2nd Battle of Tippecanoe
1st Raid on La Colle Mil

Affair Opposite Black Rock
Mississinewa River
  BATTLES 1813:
Frenchtown-River Raisin
Duck River
Raid on Elizabethtown

Raid on Ogdensburg

Ogdensburg II
Black Rock Artillery Duel
Raid of Buffalo Fort
Lewes, Delaware
Carter Creek Raid

Rappahannock River

Wilkinson Occupies Mobile
Sassafras River
Siege of Ft. Meigs

British Maryland Raids


Sackett's Harbor II
Ft. George

Forty Mile Creek
Stoney Creek

Beaver Dam
Craney Island

Burning of Hampton
Butler's Farm
Raid on Ft. Schlosser

British Raid Portsmouth
Raid on Black Rock

July 1813 Battles
Raid on Queenstown
Raid of St Michaels

Demonstration at Ft. George
Ft. Mims
Skirmish at Ball's Farm
War on the Genesee, 1813
Lake Erie

Skirmish at Odelltown
Detroit Recaptured
Burlington Races

Capture of Ft. Malden

Missisquoi Village
The Thames


French Creek


Crysler's Farm

Flour Raid


Burning of Buffalo
Capture of Ft. Niagara

Holy Ground

  BATTLES 1814:
Emuckfau Creek

Enotachopco Creek
Calabee Creek
Forsyth's Raid
Horseshoe Bend
Second Montreal Campaign
Second Battle of La Colle Mill
Fort Oswego
Battle of the Genesee, 1814
Raid on Port Dover
Battle of Big Sandy Creek
Battle of Cedar Point
St. Leonard Creek

Benedict Raid
2nd Benedict Raid
St. Leonard Creek II
Skirmish at Odelltown
Capture of Fort Erie
Capture of Fort Sullivan
Burning of St Davids
Siege of Ft. Shelby
Lundy's Lane
Ft. Mackinac Recapture
Siege of Fort Erie
Scajaquada Creek

Attack on Ft. Mackinac
Raid on Stonington
Fort Erie
Ft. Washington Burned

Caulks Field
Credit Island
North Point/Baltimore
Fort Bowyer/Mobile Bay
US Sortie From Fort Erie
Skirmish at Chippewa
Cook's Mills

Farnham Church
Lake Borgne
Villere's Plantation
Loss of the USS Carolina
  BATTLES 1815:
Rodriques Canal
New Orleans
Siege of Fort St. Philip
Siege of Fort Bowyer
St. Mary's River
Last Battle of the War
William Hull
John E. Wool
William Henry Winder
John Allen
Alexander Smyth
John Parker Boyd
James Winchester
Winfield Scott
Dr. William Eustis
Henry Dearborn
John Armstrong, Jr.
Jacob Brown
Lewis Cass

Zebulon Pike
Nathan Heald
John Chrystie
James Findlay
Wade Hampton
Porter Hanks
Thomas Sidney Jesup
Robert Lucas
George Izard
Duncan McArthur
William McCullough
James Miller
James Wilkinson
Peter Buell Porter
Morgan Lewis
Leonard Covington
Samuel Stubbs
Daniel Bissell
Eleazer D. Wood
Eleazar Wheelock Ripley
Augustus Porter
George McClure
Thomas Flournoy
Thomas Pinckney
Richard Mentor Johnson
Solomon Van Rensselaer
Stephen Van Rensselaer
Edmund Pendleton Gaines
Andrew Jackson
David Parish
William Wadsworth
Billy Wells
David Poe
Joseph Bloomfield
Henry Burbeck
Humphrey Cushing
John Chandler
Alexander Macomb

John Stricker
Commodore Joshua Barney
Jean Lafitte
Isaac Brock

George Prevost
John Baskerville Glegg
John Macdonell
Henry Milnes
John Le Couteur

Joseph Wanton Morrison
James Fitzgibbon
Adam Muir
Henry Procter
John Vincent
George Cockburn
Phineas Riall
Roger Sheaffe
Francis de Rottenburg
Alexander Cochrane
Charles de Salaberry
John Harvey
William Dunlop
Ned Simmons
Arthur Brooke
John Keane
Frederick Philipse Robinson
William Thornton
John Lambert
Edward Pakenham
Robert Ross
John Norton


Half Gaiters

Buttons - Shirt
Shakos - Neckstock

1813 Leather Infantry Cap I
1813 Leather Infantry Cap II
1813 Leather Infantry Cap III
1813 Leather Infantry Cap IV
1813 Leather Infantry Cap V
1813 Leather Infantry Cap VI
US Military Uniforms
1812 Officers List
1813 Officers List
1814 Officers List
The John Gould Mystery

Campaign of 1814

The 23rd Saves the Army
Campaign of 1813

Tale of the Lantern

Campaign of 1812
23rd US Infantry Regiment Created
Battle of Fort George
History of the 23rd Infantry, Overview

23rd at Chippawa

Rick Mercer Report

Drill Practice
Blood Creek!
Interview with Paul Watson
PBS Special available on-line
Fort Blunder
Octagon House
Marine Corps Barracks
Battle of Ogdensburg
Genesee Country Village


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